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Frequently Asked Questions


Cloudbric is a security platform that provides individual users a diverse suite of information security services free for personal use. Cloudbric is composed of 4 major security components: web security, device security, crypto asset security, and a decentralized security resource community, Cloudbric Labs.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, a method of crowd funding using the blockchain system. Cloudbric uses the reverse ICO method, which means it offers preexisting services and technologies as an established firm, as opposed to a traditional ICO as a new venture whose foundation is just beginning to build.
Cloudbric will try to solve the three major issues users encounter in the cybersecurity market: oversaturation of security solutions, privatized threat intelligence data, and uncertainty of security vendor performance. Cloudbric will do so by providing a security platform free for personal use through decentralizing threat intelligence data, and by utilizing its 20+ years of security expertise. The blockchain system helps decentralize information and allows Cloudbric to make all cyber threat information open and accessible to the public. Cloudbric will utilize this information to build interactive security tools for any and all users.
Cloudbric's primary mission is to revolutionize the cybersecurity market by making information security open and accessible to all users through the introduction of a new Decentralized Universal Security Platform. ICO is primarily a means of funding for the expansion and improvement of Cloudbric's current services, as well as for the creation of the new platform. And through the blockchain that verifies authenticity of all transaction, users can be fairly and transparently compensated for their contribution to the platform's growth.
Detailed information on the technologies used will be described in the upcoming Cloudbric technical whitepaper.
Cloudbric services are free for individual users, but for enterprise organizations there may be an additional fee. The fee is for the organizations' utilization of information found on Cloudbric Labs to build new security solutions or integrating threat intelligence into preexisting solutions.
Attack logs generated by Cloudbric will be anonymously housed on Cloudbric servers (as per the standard terms of security service), and will be permanently deleted on a bi-annual basis. However, users who do not wish to submit their attack logs can still enjoy Cloudbric universal security, but will forfeit the right to earn CLB tokens for said method. Alternatively, they can still be eligible to receive tokens through contributing towards Cloudbric Labs.
Cloudbric is an established web security vendor with over 20 years of proven cybersecurity expertise. It is recognized as the No.1 WAF solution in the APAC region, and globally ranks No.5 by security analysts such as Gartner, and Frost & Sullivan. With blockchain, Cloudbric aims to amplify this trust and strive for transparency.


CLB is the name of Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency token. Users can receive CLB tokens by contributing security information to Cloudbric's Decentralized Universal Security Platform.

Tokens can be used for various purposes including discounts and purchases from Cloudbric’s extended partner network. CLB will also be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges by late 2018 for open trade and purchase. Refer to the questions on CLB tokens below for details.
No, there is no maximum to the number of CLB tokens one user can earn. However, as mentioned in the Cloudbric token structure & allocation plan, the total amount of tokens allocated for the Security Rewards Program is 25% of the total sum (250 million CLB tokens).
Recurring distribution of CLB tokens will be made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (TBD) and will be posted to a distributed blockchain ledger for verification of user distribution.

Bonus tokens are additional tokens given out to the first-round Pre-Sale participants. Duration of Cloudbric service usage is another way to receive bonus tokens.

No, the total number of CLB tokens will be 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). No additional tokens will be made than the set amount.
CLB tokens can be received through participation in the ICO, the security rewards program, or through purchase from cryptocurrency exchanges. The Rewards Programs is a compensation system in which users who contribute to Cloudbric through threat data and/or the resource community (Cloudbric Labs), are eligible to receive complimentary CLB tokens.
CLB token trading is locked from the first round of investment (Private Sale) until the end of the third round (Crowd Funding). Once CLB tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges by late 2018, you're free to sell and trade them.
Yes. You may do so by contributing toward Cloudbric Labs, a resource community with various free security tools, data analytics, and discussion forums made accessible to the public.


Yes, users can utilize our secure in-house CLB cryptocurrency wallet or have tokens transferred to a wallet of their choice.

The CLB cryptocurrency wallet is a medium for safely storing CLB tokens only. If you wish to utilize a different wallet, Cloudbric can have the CLBs transferred to your designated wallet of choice.

It is not mandatory that users utilize the CLB cryptocurrency wallet. It's highly recommended, however, for safe token storage and transactions. The wallet will offer secure encryption and authentication features, and its high accessibility allows for convenient access through Cloudbric's web dashboard and mobile applications.


Private Sale is designated for private investors and venture capitals. Public Sales are open to the general public and held twice: Pre-Sale and Crowd Funding. Pre-Sale takes place first, and investors can benefit from bonus tokens at this time. Crowd funding takes place last, and investors are capped at a maximum number of CLB tokens that can be purchased (unlike during Private and Pre-Sales).

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